Hi all.  Sorry that I haven't posted in a while.  I have been incredibly busy with the goings on in my family.  Things have been nuts.  I have done two cakes that I want to blog about.  I will try to get to those in the next couple of weeks...but my kids don't go back to school for another week, so we'll see.
The ombre wedding cake went very well.  Unfortunately I haven't had time to do the blog about it.  I'll try to get to it in the next couple of days.  Next month I have a 4 tiered beach themed wedding cake.  I'm also thinking about sharing my recipe for flourless chocolate cake because it's so yummy!
I've recently finished a raspberry filled cake that I wrapped in white chocolate.  I'll finish the blog on that as soon as I can get to it.  And I'm doing an ombre wedding cake for August 11th, so look for my blog on that as well.
I've got a couple of birthday cakes coming up where I will experiment with my new air brush gun.  I'm also doing a wedding and grooms cake in April and a specialty cake for a graduation ceremony (for Dental Hygiene school) in May.  So I've got a good few projects I'm having fun with.
So my new baby girl is a wonder and I am back to making my kids b-day cakes and the occasion special cake.  I'll keep you posted if I have any big projects on the horizon.
I am happy to report that I am due to have my 5th baby any day now.  Because of this, I will not be making any cakes for a good couple of months.  Sadly I've turned down two wedding cakes...just can't do them so soon after having a baby.  
Hi guys.  It feels so good to get back to my cake blog.  Thanks for your patience.  I've been away for a couple of months because of a severe case of morning sickness.  I have a wedding cake planned for the beginning of September as well as what I hope will be a rocking cool babyshower cake.  I'll keep you updated on the latest projects.  Thanks again for all of your support.
Hi all.  I've just finished my Barbie and Treasure Chest cakes.  I'll try and get the blog done on them soon...  I've had morning sickness pretty bad recently, so no promises.  :-)
Yay!  I will be doing a sandcastle wedding cake in March.  That will be so much fun!!
I am doing some petit fours this week and will post some pics of them.